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Corporate MC & Event Hosts. We also offer other entertainment options, such as Corporate Trivia Events.

Venue Events is here to help with your Corporate MC and Event Host for your upcoming event.

You NEED a Corporate MC who is engaging and knows how to build a great rapport with the audience. An MC that can represent your brand in a fluent and professional manner.

Our Corporate MC & Event Hosts will do more than just introduce the next item, they will take your event to new heights as they infuse their fun personality with your event.

A fantastic Corporate MC and Event Host will do so much more then just entertain your audience, they will keep the event running smoothly, along with keeping your audience engaged.

Your host’s objective is to be invaluable to your event, by keeping everyone involved to the schedule of events, as well as providing support to your event participants. Our Corporate MC and Event Host’s are on hand to help troubleshoot in the event of the unexpected, while always watching the audience to make sure the atmosphere is at the right level.

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What About A Fun Corporate Trivia Night

If you are looking for a great team building idea, a staff trivia night or team building trivia session can be just the thing.

QuizzaMe is the perfect solution to your event needs. Whether you are running an awards night, looking for a fun social night or end of year celebrations, QuizzaMe is guaranteed to be a fun and engaging event!

QuizzaMe is the trivia quiz show that is quickly taking Australia by storm. We specialise in providing corporate trivia nights for clients in several states across the country.

Our corporate trivia events for team building or celebration, offer a turbo-charged combination of everything you already love about TV game shows and traditional quiz formats. QuizzaMe is upsizing the humble trivia night with a vengeance. We make it fun night for you and your staff or guests, while they get to know each other and hopefully strengthen friendships along the way.

Along with regular corporate quiz nights, we have staff Xmas trivia games too.

QuizzaMe. It’s the world-breaking new way to get your trivia fix – faster, better and bigger than ever.

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